A water heater is a very important appliance in your home. It’s there when you need it most, providing the hot water you need to shower, wash clothes, dishes, and more. However, not everyone understands the importance of performing proper maintenance on their water heaters.

Without maintenance, there is a potential for serious problems. Even worse, there is a possibility that the water heater can break down completely. Here are some reasons to perform regular water heater maintenance.

The Water Heater Can Stop Working

If you fail to check the water heater or have it maintained, it can run into a number of issues with the pilot light, the pressure valve, or even the tank itself. There may also be leaks and drips that you don’t immediately notice, which can leave you with high water bills and potential damage to your home in the area around the water heater.

Sediment In Water Heaters Is Bad for You

Maintenance of the water heater often involves flushing it in order to clear out sediment that may be sitting in the tank. This can include rust from the inside of the water heater. Failing to clean this out could allow the sediment into the water supply.

Leaks Can Go Unnoticed

Leaving leaks in your water heater for an extended period of time can cause a lot of problems. It can impact the effectiveness of the water heater or result in water damage to your home where the water heater is stored. Maintenance helps detects leaks as quickly as possible.

How to Maintain a Water Heater

Maintaining the water heater may seem like a simple task, but it should be done with the help of a professional who can ensure everything is off before performing maintenance, flush the tank, and properly get everything working again.

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