Household plumbing is a very important system that we are very reliant on. It works day in and day out to control water flow in your home. Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to our plumbing system as long as it is in working order.

It’s when something goes awry that we begin to wonder if maybe we should have given it more attention. Find out how to boost your plumbing system’s performance and prevent disasters in your home.

Clean Drains

Keeping drains clean can make a massive impact on your plumbing system and its performance.

By having your drains cleaned once every two years, you can save yourself multiple plumbing house calls, not to mention money on products that don’t work.

Food debris and mineral buildup from treated water can sit in your pipes, causing premature aging, rust, corrosion, and clogs. These can all be avoided by getting the proper maintenance done to your plumbing.

Balanced Water Pressure

Balancing the water pressure in your home can not only boost the performance of your plumbing system but add life and longevity to your pipes. When water pressure is too high, it can cause pipes to weaken.

This weakening can lead to leaks. Additionally, excessive water pressure will add unwanted dollars on your water bill.

You can either purchase a hose bibb gauge that allows you to check water pressure yourself or, contact a plumber. Hose gauges are inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware store around Denver, CO.

Use Hair Blockers

Hair blockers are an easy and inexpensive way to avoid clogs due to hair getting caught in your drain. Drain screens are cheaper than buying drain unclogging supplies and won’t damage your pipes.

They simply fit over your drain in the tub, catching any hair that might fall during bathing. Once it fills up, empty it in the garbage and put it back over the drain.

Adhere to Local Requirements

The simplest way to ensure your plumbing system is working is to have it installed properly.

Be sure when purchasing a new home from a previous owner that they have an inspection completed by a certified plumber.

Additionally, if you decide to have any work done to your own dwelling, be sure to purchase a permit and follow the city guidelines and building codes.

Your plumbing system must be maintained to perform well. Like anything else, if not taken care of, it will eventually break down. Avoid plumbing catastrophes by following these simple tips and boost your plumbing system’s performance in no time at all.